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The Open Confessional Team: I’m Fr. Marty John Miller (MM) a Catholic priest of Opus Dei  (Work of God) trying to help people discover God in their ordinary lives in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania (I blog about some of these adventures at Let’s Repent!). Fr. Joe Landauer (JL) and I serve as full-time chaplains for the Warwick (men) and Grandevue (women) Opus Dei centers, both located in Pittsburgh. We are helped by other priests in the area, like Fr. Andy Moss (AM) in Cincinnati and Fr. Peter Crowe (PC) in Johnstown, who participate in the spirit of the Work through the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross. Of course, anyone is free to go to any priest with proper faculties for confession, a point on which Saint Josemaria insisted. We just hope this site might facilitate your needs a bit. Lastly, an eternally grateful shout-out to the faith communities who generously host us. So, let’s all work together to promote God’s infinite mercy in today’s world, and keep the confessionals open and busy. Thank you for being on the team! 😇

Contact Open Confessional: admin@openconfessional.org

By Sean Sadler & published with gratitude